What EarthPlanter customers have reported since purchasing their self-watering planters

$1,000 – $2,000 in Labor
and Fuel Savings per Month

Average Watering Cycle:
Once Every 3 Weeks!

Uses Up To 80%
Less Water

What EarthPlanter customers are saying about their success


Joe Quarantillo, Grounds Tech., Syracuse University, New York


“...The flower growth is excellent and the root structure is amazing. EarthPlanters have saved us money and time and I’ve been able to cut back on the amount of times the water truck goes out.”


Dave Emerson,
Village of Oxford, New York


"The difficulty with watering plants in upstate New York has been the unpredictability of the need to water without overwatering. With EarthPlanters we have been able to water once a month... "  


Britt Foster, Auburn University Facilities Management, Alabama


“We started with 2 planters and now we’re up to 44. The planters have performed very well in our hot/humid climate and they’ve cut down on our labor significantly”


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