What EarthPlanter customers have reported since purchasing their self-watering planters

$1,000 – $2,000 in Labor and Fuel Savings per Month

Average Watering Cycle: Once Every 3 Weeks!

Uses Up To 80% Less Water

What EarthPlanter customers are saying about their success

  • city-of-big-rapids-selfwatering-planter
  • city-of-big-rapids-selfwatering-planter

City of Big Rapids, MI

"The City of Big Rapids is dedicated to the beautification of our Downtown and park system.   Recently a new pavilion was constructed in Mitchell Creek, designed to be a destination for weddings and similar events. Not only do we receive compliments on the flowers and the planters from the community, but our park staff appreciate only having to water them every few weeks." - Heather Bowman, Park & Recreation Director, City of Big Rapids, MI

Bethesda Urban Partnership – Bethesda, MD

“We recently replaced 40 of our original large concrete planters with Earth Planters as a pilot. We water our concrete planters every other day from May to October, and still lose a tremendous amount of flowers and plants because they dry out so quickly. We have been ecstatic with the quality of the Earth Planters, the health of the plants in them and the cost savings in watering as we only have had to water them every 2-3 weeks. We will be putting a plan in place to replace the rest of our concrete planters with Earth Planters!” Jeff Burton, Deputy Executive Director Bethesda Urban Partnership Bethesda, MD  

Chapel Valley – Washington DC

“…we planted perennials in the hottest part of the summer and everything is thriving. The minimal time necessary for maintenance and watering is a big selling point in city planters.” Mary McDermott, Property Manager Chapel Valley Landscape Company Washington DC

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